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Silky breeders/friends


Nadja Miniatures


Local Friend with Silky goats 

Bells Goats


Awesome Breeder of Silky goats in Utah.

Hootnanny Acres


Friend and breeder of Silkys in Idaho.

Black Swan Ranch


Some of our goats owned by a friend and working as therapy goats.

Frassenei Farms


Silky breeder and friend in Idaho



Friend and another local breeder of Silkys.

5M Mini Silkys


Silky breeder and friend in Oklahoma

Friends with other breeds


Urban Acres


Friend and breeder of Nubians and Nigerians.

Dutch Nickel Farms


Friend/breeder with Nigerians

Vista's/Eagle River


Website for 2 local friends that are Nigerian breeders

Green Eggers Farm

Ca Blacklberry herd

Local friend with Nubians, Nigerians and Mini Nubians

Ilenes Rascals Farm

Local friend that has Nigerians

Goat Clubs




Southern Calif. Mini Silky Club---- local club we are helping to start

The Southern Calif. Dairy Goat Association


Local Club for Dairy Goats

Silky Registry


Mini Silky Fainting Goats Assoc.



Registry for Miniature Silky goats

Other Goat Sites





Lab we use for our annual blood tests

Fias Co Farm


great general goat health site

Goat Link


Good page for medical info on goats

Caprine Goat Supply


Backyard Goats


Site with various goat articles, etc


Animal/Livestock movement requirements


Great website to look up what is needed for import to different states

HomeLab Veterinary Supplies

Great website to purchase animal medications. Can use my affiliate code to get a discount every time you shop.

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