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MiniMyt​hic  Mini Silky G​oats

Welcome to our website!!

    Last Updated: 7-9-24

This is home to              MiniMythic

                 Mini Silky Fainting goats.


We support the breed registery of MSFGA.

We are members of the following clubs-- So Cal Mini Silky Club.


You can also find us and get updates on FaceBook... under MiniMythic Goats

We are starting a MeWe page and a page on FacePlay also 


We have decided to concentrate on only 1 breed. So we will only have Mini Silky Fainting goats from now on.  I love this breed so much, they won my heart. Our goal is to continue to bring awareness of this wonderful American treasure and strive to breed true to the breed standard while keeping some other traits we find important, like proper teats and the mytonic gene.

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 *** Get on our waiting list for a kid, or check out our sales page for goats available now.

*** We are planning a limited fall kidding season.

About us:

We got interested in goats in 2008. Our sons joined 4H at that time and off we went. We wanted dairy goats and small goats, so that led us to selecting the Nigerian Dwarf goat. Their small size, great temperment and overall cuteness won us over easily. We loved them and enjoyed them very much. We did our best to show them at local shows. 

In 2011, we got our first Mini Silky. Our oldest son wanted to try something different. I have since added more to our silky herd. We plan to show the silkys where we can and hope to bring awareness of the breed and help educate the public. We helped start the So Cal Mini Silky Club. The Silkys are a mytonic breed, which puts them on the Livestock Conservatory list in the Recovering category.  

In 2020, I decided to start reducing our herd down to one breed. We sold the few Mini Manchas we had added.

Then in spring of 2021, we sold the last of our Nigerians. 

Moving forward, our breeding program will concentrate on the Mini Silky Fainting goat.


We test annually for CL and CAE and Johnes.

We test all our goats over 1 year of age and do our best to protect them while at events.

Last test date= Feb 2024

Contact Us:

You can also find us on Facebook... MiniMythic Goats  

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