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Nigerian Dwarf & Mini Silky goats and Australian Shepherds

For Sale


 See list of upcoming breedings on our Breeding/Nursery page.


We will on occassion have kids or adults for sale.  We are a very small herd, so our numbers are limited. Our Dairy breeds are usually bred in fall so they will kid in spring and can be shown during the spring/summer show season. Mini Silkys may be bred at various times of year. 

Please keep in mind that goats are herd animals and they do not do well alone. We reserve the right to not sell to single goat homes or when the situation is not in the goats best interest.

Feel free to contact us in regards to purchasing a goat. If we do not have what you need, we may know others that do.

Prices subject to change with age and evaluation, until a non-refundable deposit is received on a certain animal.  After deposit received, goat will be marked as RESERVED. 

Any shipping expenses, including health certificates, are the responsibility of the buyer. We have used Delta. Shipping by air is best when under 6months and under 20pounds. Please check with your state for ALL entry requirements for goats. You can also arrange ground transport.

Transport costs are usually $300 + and Health Certificates $50+.  We will help you find something that works, to best of our ability.

Please check the animal zoning of your property BEFORE buying a goat. Goats are split hoof livestock and will require zoning for such.

We provide proper legal permanent ID on all the kids we produce.... We have our Federal Premise ID and our Scrapies ID

For Sale:  

We currently have a wait list for most of our kids.  Please contact us to be added to list.

Please contact us if you would like any additional information on any of the animals we have or would like to arrange a purchase.

Newborn Kids are listed on the nursery page... we move ones to this page after weaning if still available.

Mini Silkys For Sale:   

Any silky kids available are listed on the nursery page, currently a wait list- but 1 silky doe available

Adult doe for sale- Chione, see Silky page

**  My niece has decided to sell her pet silky doe. contact us for details.  Her name is Itty Bit, pic below.  Bottle raised, very friendly.


Dairy goats for sale:         

We do have an older doe available for adoption.  See dairy page

MiniMythic SDS Bounty Hunter......'Hunter'

ADGA Nigerian Buck


Dam: Persephone

Sire:   Vader

gold, chamiosee/bezoar?, moonspots, blue eyes. (black recessive)


** pedigree available on request or can be seen on registry website

Nadjas Goddess of Death...'Hela'


Nigerian doe


Dam:  Ilenes Rascals Pickle Pie

Sire:  Urban Acres AP Susanoo *B

Chamoisee, white poll, blue eyes

*** $300