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Our Silky Does


GCH  Phoenix

Bells Goats Talons Phoenix

DoB= 5/1/16

Dark fawn

Dam: Bells Goats Nera

Sire: Flying J Talon

Show Highlights:

6/24/17 - GCH Jr doe (1 MCH pt)


GCH Chione

MiniMythic Chione Snowbell

Dob= 7/20/16

Chocolate and white

Dam: R Rowdy Farms Godee

Sire: Bells Goats Lord Odin

6/23/18 - GCH Jr doe (1 MCH pt)

6/24/18 - GCH Jr doe (1 MCH pt)

For Sale-  $400



Bowden Goat Ranch Piper Ann

Dob= 4/3/15

Black and white, Blue eyes

Dam: Bells Goats Mary Ann

Sire: MCH Bells Goats Elvis

Co-owned with Nadja 

No show record



Hootnanny Acres Tandee

DoB= 3/17/20

Tan Tri color, Blue eyes

Dam: Cozy Acres Tally

Sire: MCH Hootnanny Acres Lil River



Cedar Creek's Chocolate Silk

DoB= 12/31/19

Chocolate and white, Polled

Dam: Cedar Creek's Shannon

Sire: Cedar Creek's Dre


RCH Elvira

MiniMythic Mistress ofthe Dark

Dob= 3/8/19

Black and white, Blue eyes

Dam: Bells Goats Fabio's Anivia

Sire: MCH Bells Goats The Crowd Pleaser

show record incoming



ChocolateSilk Baby Boots

DoB= 3/16/19

Chocolate and white, Blue eyes

Dam: MiniMythic Silk Kiss N' Boots

Sire: MCH Spenny's Shenanigans King Puck

no show record

For Sale-  $400

Baby is very small and highly mytonic, she is available as non breeding stock



MiniMythic Wings of Isis

DoB= 3/16/20

Black and white

Dam: MiniMythic Chione Snowbell

Sire: Hobby Hilss Ransom

For Sale-  $600



MiniMythic Warrior Princess

DoB= 4/19/20

Chcoolate/Tan swiss marked, Blue eyes, moonspot

Dam: Bells Goats Bethsheba

Sire: MiniMythic Sir Hercules

For Sale-  $400

Xena has a short coat and can be registered as MGR if someone whats a dual registered


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