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Our Silky Bucks


GCH Pegasus

MiniMythic Nadja MyT Pegasus

DoB= 1/21/20

Black and white, Blue eyes


Dam: Bowden Goat Ranch Piper Ann

Sire: Flying J Kraken

Show Highlights:

6/20/20 - 1 RCH Jr buck, 1 GCH Jr buck (1 MCH pt)

9/4/20 - 1 GCH Jr buck (1 MCH pt)

2021 - not shown

5/29/22 - 1 RCH senior buck


GCH Yondo

Nadjas Thief of the Galaxy

DoB= 3/14/19

Gold Tri color with extreme white

Dam: Bowden Goat Ranch Cinnamon

Sire: MCH Bells Goats The Crowd Pleaser

Show Highlights:

2020- Idaho show- 2 RCH Jr bucks, 1 GCH Jr buck (1 MCH pt)

2020- Arizona show- 1 RCH Jr buck

2021- not shown

2022 - 1 RCH senior buck, GCH senior buck (1MCH pt)


GCH  Blue

Hootnanny Acres Blue Northern

DoB= 2/27/19

Blue, Blue eyes


Dam: Hootnanny Acres Blue Eclipse

Sire: Hootnanny Acres Chisholm

Show Highlights:

5/29/22 - 1 GCH senior buck and BiS  (1 MCH pt)

For Sale- Reserved



Nadja Incredible Dash

DoB= 5/19/20

Tri color

Dam: Cozy Acres Gabby

Sire: Bells Goats Lord Odin



Hootnanny Acres Lil Heart

DoB= 11/17/19

Black and white, Blue eyes


Dam: Hootnanny Acres Lindy

Sire: Hootnanny Acres Aberham

For Sale- $400 


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