MiniMythic Miniature Goats     

Nigerian Dwarf & Mini Silky goats and Australian Shepherds

First Aid kit

                                                                          Goat First Aid kit

General care

For scours—Pepto liquid/spectoguard/Bio sponge/GI soother

Eye treatments-- pink eye solution, antibiotic for eyes-Terramycin, eye wash

Wound care-- Blu-kote, Betadine scrub, wound spray or ointment

Stop Bleed/septic powder


Stomach/intestinal issues—Bloat treatment, baking soda, activated charcoal

Mineral oil

Skin treatments—ChlorHexidine, anti itch spray gel

Vet wrap


oral dosing syringe

For dehydration-- Electrolyte powder

Supplements/stress paste-- Selenium-Vit E gel, Replamin, Respond, probiotics

Other meds-- Red Cell, Benedryl,

For UC treatment-- Ammonium Chloride (very important for wethers)

Heating pad

Copper boluses, bolus gun- if needed (IF extra copper is needed)

For Lice/external-- Cylence

Wormers-- cydectin/safeguard/ivomec/valbazen (depends on various factors)

For cocci-- Toltrazuril

IF you have experience to use and available to you-

3cc and 1 cc syringes with needles

Vit B injectible

Tetanus Anti-toxin

Tetanus toxiod

Banamine injectible

Antibiotics- Pen G/ Draxxin/LA-200 or Bio-mycin/Nuflor

Epinephrine- used for toxic reaction to shots/meds

CDT (this is the annual vaccine)

If Breeding Goats, add the following—

Lutelyse injectible

Oxytocin injectible

Calcium drench

Mastitis treatment

Kidding supplies---

Disposable gloves, paper towels, Scissors, Lube, Trash bags, weewee pads, flash light, iodine (in general kit), dental floss