MiniMythic Miniature Goats     

Nigerian Dwarf & Mini Silky goats and Australian Shepherds


Breeding Schedule

 Breeding seasons are usually Oct-Dec. (spring kids) or April for (fall kids).   We have a limited number of breedings scheduled.   If there is a pairing you would like a kid out of, that is not already scheduled, please email us and let us know, we'll see if we can do that.

If you would like to reserve any kid from the following pairs please contact us. Prices of kids are subject to change with age and evaluation, until kid is reserved by non-refundable deposit.  We will bottle feed the babies. As I have liked the way they developed compared to dam raised ones.  All of our babies are handled from birth and are usually very people oriented.  Our babies are disbudded, unless polled. If you want one with horns, kid must be paid in FULL prior to disbudding age around age 4 days for boys and 7 days for girls. 

Confirmed Breedings for 2020

Doe X Buck --- due/kidded/notes                                                


Gem  X  Hunter --- March 29 to April 16,2020  (F1 Mini Manchas)




Piper  X  Kraken ---  Jan. 21, 2020  --- doe/buck

Phoenix X Odin ---    March 2,2020      (extreme expected, blue eyes poss)

Anivia X Ransom ---  March 1,20 or March 23,20      (extreme expected, blue eyes likely)

Chione X Ransom --- March 13,2020    (extreme expected)

Sage X Ransom ---    March 2020         (extreme expected, marbled eyes likely)

Sheba  X  Hercules ---  April 26, 20   (extreme expected, blue eyes poss, dual reg)



Eris  X  Hunter ---  April 16, 20

Psyche  X  Euros --- May 6 to May 16, 20



Breeding plans for 2020:     



Persephone x Storm- waiting confirmation



Mini Silky kid Reservations:
$100 per wether
$200 for doe/buck.

Currently a wait list- email us to be added

Dairy  kid Reservations:  
$50.00 per wether.
$100 per doe/buck

NURSERY-   2019